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What Makes a High-End Candle So Luxurious?

What defines a high-end luxury candle? Certainly, a candle professing to be high-end is not your average gift shop candle. It's not your typical buy three, get three free candle. No, high-end candles are known for their superior quality and high-end prices.So let's see what makes a high-end candle so luxurious that one is willing to spend their first months paycheck to have in their possession. 

Photo by WoodenWickCo.

Photo by WoodenWickCo.


Candle Wax. 

Long gone are the candles made from inexpensive waxes. Luxury candles are typically made from high quality waxes such as soy and coconut wax which provide smoother, softer, and creamier looks. These waxes also have optimal hot and cold scent throws. They emit their lovely fragrances as soon as the wick is ignited and can feel up an room in a matter of minutes. And we're not talking your typically strawberry or bubble gum scents. All of our candles are made from a mix of coconut and apricot wax, a mixture of two of the best quality waxes.


Photo by WoodenWickCo.


When we talk about fragrance, we're talking about an experience. The sign of a sophisticated, luxurious fragrance is that is has a complex accord of ingredients rather than just a few strong fruity ingredients. BASK+LUXE. candles are infused with custom blended non-phthalate fragrance oils.


Candles are often used as decorative pieces. When you purchase a luxury candle, it is aesthetically pleasing. An decorative item in your home that not only smells divine, but also looks beautiful in your space. Your interior scent design is just as important as your visual design. Luxury candles set a tone, a vibe, and are appealing visually.

We at BASK+LUXE. understand the desire to want luxury items at a cost-efficient price. All of our candles are crafted with the finest wax, and scents that take you places you've only envisioned. BASK+LUXE. provides an experience that you'll want to encounter over and over again.